Wizards in the Valley:
Tales of Magicians in early Salt Lake City
7 p.m. (MST), Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Professional magician and storyteller Richard Hatch will recount stories of the pioneer prestidigitators who performed at the Salt Lake Theatre and sometimes used their powers to prank the prophet, Brigham Young, or so they claimed after leaving Utah far behind. Tales of the Basiliconthaumaturgist Washington Simmons, pianist and conjurer Robert Heller, Herrmann the Great and even a local boy, Oscar Eliason, who caught rifle bullets onstage in Salt Lake City and became a celebrity in Australia as “Dante, the Mormon Wizard” before his tragic end will be shared, along with some interactive virtual magic to put the audience in the proper frame of mind.
This is free online event is part of the 6th Annual Story Crossroads Festival.
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Thanks to the Salt Lake City Library System for hosting this event and to the Salt Lake City Arts Council for Funding support!