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Students wishing to study sleight-of-hand with Richard Hatch are required to adhere to a signed secrecy agreement regarding the content of their lessons. This is the traditional magician’s code and the reasons behind it are explained during the first lesson. To inquire about lessons, text Richard at (435) 932-0017.

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October 2023 Newsletter

Richard Hatch to lecture in Hamburg at the Bellachini Museum: https://mailchi.mp/71f80c1d5681/meet-and-greet-lecture-at-the-bellachini-museum?e=a7ea8f5596

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Richard Hatch, Magician and Deceptionist

Photo by Chris Gillett

About Richard Hatch

Although Richard Hatch holds two graduate degrees in Physics from Yale University, he finds it easier apparently to violate the laws of nature than to discover them.

His unique expertise has entranced and informed travel agents in Budapest and Taipei and petroleum engineers in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Sugar Ray Leonard, Arsenio Hall and former President and First Lady George and Barbara Bush are just a few of the many who have been entertained up close by his intimate deceptions. From the Parlor of Hollywood’s Magic Castle to the VIP lounge of Eddie Murphy’s New Year’s Eve party, the Magic of Richard Hatch has helped make a success of exclusive events large and small.